Ideal beverage pumping starts with space-saving solutions

Streamlined BIB platforms also provide reliability and performance

Presented by: Xylem Applied Water Systems

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At a time when fountain installers and bottlers are asking their distributor partners in beverage dispense for the ideal pump for standard bag-in-box (BIB) applications; and restaurant, bar, gas station and convenience store owners and operators are seeking more efficient and innovative backroom solutions to satisfy their customers’ demands, the world’s leading soft drink manufacturers are turning to syrup pump manufacturers to help them.

The right pump design from an expert BIB pump maker can satisfy the needs of all these groups. Owners and managers of restaurants of all types, convenience stores and other businesses selling fountain dispensed beverages expect dispensing equipment to be versatile, reliable and easy to commission, operate and service. When selecting backroom dispenser kits for applications ranging from small convenience stores to midsize restaurants and other establishments, owners and operators should start by seeking options that provide faster installation and a cleaner look in a space- conscious platform.

Smart setup

Backroom organization is vital for a beverage dispense operation to thrive long term. Complex installations and bulky components are in the past as today’s designs have a smaller footprint that allows for more pumps in similar space. The modularity and design of Xylem’s

U Series, for example, provides a BIB installation that is streamlined visually and easier to understand. Also, integrating the gas manifold into the BIB pump, such as in the patent-protected Flojet design of the U Series, offers a simpler, less cluttered installation with easier access to the liquid ports.

High-performance pumps with as much as a 100,000- gallon drink life improve dispensing operations and reduce lifetime costs. By combining intuitive design and advanced technologies, today’s BIB platforms benefit beverage-dispense operations through the following features:

Intuitive design

  • A pump that is easy to configure provides a simple path to add pumps or change flavors
  • A modular unit reduces time spent on assembly, installation and pump replacement
  • A smaller product footprint provides opportunity for more pumps in similar space
  • Visual cues on the equipment aid in ease of use and ensure proper installation
  • Smart features such as an auto shut-off function stops the pump when the bag is empty

Performance ranges

  • Maximizing pump efficiency improves flow rates, shortens dispensing time and reduces waste in applications
  • Versatility allows systems to handle beverage syrups of all viscosities and yields in a wide range of hot and cold beverage applications
  • Proven reliability reduces downtime and maximizes product life

Lifetime costs

  • Innovative technologies, such as the patented integrated gas manifold of the air-operated Flojet U Series BIB Syrup Pump system, reduce maintenance time and parts needed
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance and shorter installation time with modular configuration along with increased reliability add up to lower costs over the life of the pump

Avoid downtime

Regular maintenance will also reduce lifetime costs by keeping equipment running trouble-free, however, problems do occasionally occur with BIB beverage dispense systems. The pump might not be installed correctly, the syrup valve might not be working or the water line might not be clean, all causing the final beverage to taste wrong or weak. By using the following guide to help troubleshoot common issues, owners and operators can mitigate problems and keep customers satisfied.

Dave Allen is global product manager for diaphragm pumps for Xylem’s Applied Water Systems business unit. Xylem’s global brands provide quality products, comprehensive solutions and applications expertise in more than 150 countries. For more information, visit