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Electric Flexible Impeller Pumps

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Flexible impeller pumps make excellent bilge pumps, principally because of their ability to handle bilge debris without damage. Because of the robust design, many owners still use our 12 volt DC or 24 volt DC flexible impeller motor pump units that are up to 25 years old! Flexible impeller pumps also give the benefits of good flow, low cost, low size and weight, and are easily serviced and maintained. Most flexible impeller pumps must not be run dry, as this will damage the impeller and require replacing. However, the Utility Puppy 2000 and 3000 both allow a maximum of 10 minutes dry running after initial prime. Flexible impeller pumps can be operated using a float or Hydro Air switch, and remotely controlled from outside the bilge compartment. There is a wide range of flexible impeller pumps to choose from, giving a range of flows, discharge heads and self-priming options for applications such as ballast transfer, bait tank circulation and deck wash duties.