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Engine Driven Electric Clutch Pumps

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Jabsco Engine Driven Pumps are probably the strongest and most reliable pumps produced today. Combined with other benefits such as self- priming and very high flow rates, these pumps are now the firm favorites of commercial and professional mariners worldwide. All the pumps are easily maintained and can fulfill a variety of duties onboard both modern and classic vessels. Jabsco engine driven pumps come in a very wide range of performances and sizes, and can be direct driven by a clutch, pulley or hydraulic drive, or close coupled to a suitable power take-off on the engine. These pumps are suitable for applications such as:

  • High- flow, heavy-duty bilge pumps.
  • Emergency onboard bilge pumps.
  • Fire fighting pumps.
  • Engine cooling.
  • Water ballast transfer.
  • Circulation duties.

Of course, each application requires different features from each pump
and drive type. Either manual or electromagnetic flexible impeller clutch pumps are ideal for bilge pumping. Each type of clutch has different benefits from the other. Manual clutches will operate as long as the engines are still running, which provides added security when operating as an emergency bilge pump. Electromagnetic clutches can be operated remotely via float or Hydro Air switches, while  fitting a vacuum switch eliminates all risk of dry running damage. However, electromagnetic clutches will only engage as long as electrical power remains available.