Centrifugal Pumps

Hybrid Cyclone Centrifugal Pump

“Cyclone Pump” Stainless Steel DC Motor/Pump Unit

Flow rate: 50 Liters/min (13 gallons/min)
Pressure up to 0.6 bar (8.7psi)

Model No.: 50850 series

  • Heavy duty robust stainless steel construction
  • One tool servicing (3/8″ Spanner)
  • Virtually silent running centrifugal pump
  • Long-life DC motor
  • Rotatable head 90° segments
  • Anti-clogging impeller design
  • Long-life mechanical seal
  • ISO 8846 MARINE and USCG Regulations for Ignition Protection.
  • ISO 8849 MARINE Bilge Pump Standard

Technical Brochures

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