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A marine searchlight has to be capable of performing a range of tasks from locating buoys to illuminating a narrow channel and, occasionally, searching for a man overboard. Therefore, it needs to be designed to offer the best combination of beam spread (width) and intensity (length) for both shorter and longer range work. Typically, our spot beams have a 7° beam spread as opposed to 40° on a flood beam and will consequently reach at least 3 times further.

We quote performance of our searchlight range in two ways: candlepower and lux. Candlepower is a useful guide to actual light produced, but does not measure the efficiency of reflector design to project that light at the target. The most relevant comparison guide is lux, which is the measurement of actual light available at a given distance. In order to be able to distinguish a reasonable level of detail, a level of one lux is generally considered to be necessary.