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At Jabsco, we are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of small craft marine toilets — so we’ve built a fair degree of experience in heads systems and their design and installation.

Far and away the most widely used marine toilets are manually operated. Our 29090/29120 Series have been the most popular type worldwide over the last 10 years. We have now improved them even further with stronger materials, new styling and new features that make them even easier to service and maintain. With modern design and materials, manual toilets are easy to install and service, simple and clean to use and offer exceptional value for your money. Remember, there are two bowl sizes to choose from, and normally even the smallest boats have enough space for the comfort of a full-sized bowl (29120 Series) for just a little extra cost.

Our luxury range of Lite Flush, Quiet Flush and Deluxe Flush Electric Toilets feature low noise levels, so sleeping guests will not be disturbed when the toilet is used. There are options of either flushing with fresh water from the boat’s own supply or with salt, river or lake water from outside the boat. Lite Flush Toilets have an integral rinse and waste pump system encased in a stylish housing. Deluxe Flush Series Toilets have domestic-style bowls with all pump components hidden from view. Quiet Flush Toilets have the pump at the rear of a narrow base, allowing it to be installed in more narrow spaces. Three-way controls allow water level to be increased or decreased.

Quiet Flush Conversion Kits allow owners of 37010 and many other types of electric or manual toilets to upgrade to full Quiet Flush specification. All our electric toilets use surprisingly little power, and are simple to operate for newcomers and experienced crews alike.

Manual toilets can be upgraded to electric by the Lite Flush Electric Toilet. The new Lite Flush has been designed to instantly retrofit your existing manual toilet with the same footprint, fixing points and hose attachments as the Jabsco manual toilet.

All our toilets can be used on inland waterways, rivers, lakes or the sea, and can be installed above or below the waterline. However, attention must be paid to installation instructions for safety, and installations must meet with local regulations concerning overboard discharge. All our toilets are designed to discharge overboard or into holding tanks as necessary.