Rule Slimline pumps can be used to pump water from tight spaces, for general wash down, water and diesel transfer, or engine winterizing.

These pumps are capable of pumping hot or cold fresh water, seawater, antifreeze and even diesel. Inline pumping mode without strainer. Includes strainer for use in submersible mode.

  • Delivers up to 500 GPH (1892 LPH)
  • Pumps fresh and seawater, diesel
  • Continuous duty (not all models)
  • Diesel refuelling and transfer
  • Container filling and emptying
  • Sink draining
  • Engine winterizing


Water testing; General Transfer; Borehole testing; Agricultural spraying; Diesel Transfer; Garden watering
Approvals CE
Body Materials Acetal
Closed Valve Head 32.0 ft (9.7 m)
Dimensions (H x W x D)   6.5 x 1.5 (inches) 165 x 38 (mm)
Duty Cycle Intermittent rated (should not be run dry for long periods)
Operating Pressure 14 PSI (0.96 bar)
Operating temperature Water systems up to 176°F (80°F)
Product Outlet Fitting 3/4 IN (19 MM) ID Hose