FanEx – plate fin core with fan air-cooled heat exchanger (air/oil)

FanEx (Air/Oil) Heat Exchangers with Amaspher Turbulation have heavy duty direct drive fans, copper headers with brazed joints and galvaneal steel housings. All Air/Oil models feature exclusive, patented Amaspher turbulation to mix oil for better cooling in less space. Twelve standard sizes with oil flows from 2 to 180 gallons per minute.

Materials: Aluminum Plate fins, 1/2″ OD Seamless Copper Tubes, Copper Headers, Galvaneal Steel Core Housing, Steel Motor Support. Other materials, such as carbon steel and stainless steel, available upon request.

Electric Motor Data:
Model 15L: 115 Volt, single phase, 60 Hz Motor
All other motors: 230/460 Volt, three phase, 60 Hz
Above is standard motor data. Other motors available upon request.

Applications: For cooling oil or other fluids with air, where compact size, cooling efficiency, safety and quiet operation are important.

Features and Benefits:

  • Good cooling source if cooling water is not available.
  • Heavy duty construction for long operating life.
  • Amasphere turbulators to increase efficiency and reduce cooler size.
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