Series e-HSC Double Suction Centrifugal Pumps

Although every building is unique in architecture and operation, they all rely on an HVAC system to ensure the comfort, well-being, and productivity of their occupants. And although there are different designs and approaches to achieving proper indoor environmental control, a centrifugal pump plays a critical role in the performance of chillers, boilers, cooling towers,

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All Stainless steel and cast iron

ecocirc® 19-16 – A Smart Circulator – Heating (replaced by ecocirc 20-18)

Higher Efficiency & Improved Performance Effortless “SMART” Circulator for heating cooling and potable water. Onboard intelligence automatically adjusts speed to ensure maximized efficiency and accurate performance to suit a wide range of performance requirements. The on board intelligence provides the motor with the precise frequency and voltage for optimum performance. The permanent magnets in the

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